About Les Petits Vagabonds

Within a child's mind lies fantastic, whimsical lands that can't be reached easily... Inspired by those fanciful travels, Les Petits Vagabonds was launched in Barcelona by a fashion stylist Duygu Massol in 2013. The children's apparel brand fuses the anything-is-possible belief with time-transcending styles. Since its inception Les Petits Vagabonds has been consistent in establishing and refining its vagabond spirit - stays away from mass production and goes on independently with limited edition products designed and produced entirely in Barcelona. Little bohemian wear is now an international brand with retailers all around the world for little free spirits from 1 to 9 years old.

About Duygu Massol

Duygu Massol worked as fashion editor and stylist for many years at magazines like Marie Claire, Marie Claire Kids and Harpers Bazaar in Istanbul. “I have learned from being a stylist to associate different things that are not necessarily harmonious at first and make them look beautiful” says Duygu. Working with the esteemed fashion magazines has not only sharpened her eye for style, but also afforded her the chance to move from her eclectic city of Istanbul to sun-drenched Mediterranean city of Barcelona. Sometimes, a little break allows you to open new doors in your life. Her new life brought new beginnings and Duygu followed her dreams...